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Best Practices for Efficient Service and an Enhanced Dining Experience

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Clicks to Bricks: 5 Reasons E-Commerce Companies are Adding Retail Footprints

Pop-up to Permanent Locations for Digital Businesses Succeed Where Traditional Retail May Not

3 Key Factors to Consider When Leasing Retail Space

Evaluate the Parking, Frontage, and Zoning

How Landlords Can Profit from Pop-Up Space

Short-Term Tenants Can be a Valuable Source of Rental Income

20 Tips for Preparing Your Restaurant for Hurricane Season

Insurance, Inventory, Emergency Plans and Other Crucial Steps

Four Points to Consider When Searching for Commercial Space

Advice for Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners to Find the Ideal Location

3 Ways a Tenant Allowance Can Be Structured Before Lease Signing

Understand Your Options Before Trying to Negotiate

Understanding Relocation Provisions in Your Lease

What You Can Do to Gain Leverage in Lease Negotiations

Hidden Costs You Should Be Aware of When Leasing or Buying a Restaurant

Impact Fees, Code Upgrades and More

A Leasing Term Guide for Restaurant & Retail Owners

What to Know Before You Sign

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Business

The Right Location Depends on Your Situation


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