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A Guide to Dimensions, Scale, Symbols and Sections

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With Office and Retail Leases, You Pay for More than Just Your Space

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Your Game Plan For Finding a New Office in 90 Days

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Factors to Consider if You're Thinking About Buying

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Know Your Options and What You'll Need to Negotiate

The Property Inspection Checklist

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Points to Consider When Designing for the Next Generation

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Start Thinking of Real Estate as an Experience

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Essential Tips for Your Office Move

There's More to a Move Than Picking the Right Location

4 Tips for Tenants in a Tightening Real Estate Market

Cost Per Employee is the First Thing to Consider

How to Make an Offer on New Office Space

Leasing Commercial Office Space Made Easy

The Pros and Cons of a Sublease

Even if the Timing or Budget Seems Right, Consider Carefully

What are Common Area Maintenance Charges?

A Look at One of the Most Frequently Discussed Office-Leasing Terms

I Need New Office Space. What's Next?

Follow This Step-by-Step Guide Before Signing a New Office Lease


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